Why does a 'zine like this HAVE to exist? Why do young people have to learn about a deadly disease from an underground publication as if we were living in a police state?! Because your school isn't telling you about it. Your parents aren't telling you about it. TV isn't telling you about it. NO ONE is telling you about it, even though it could kill you!

The disease is AIDS. Oh, yeah, maybe they are telling you that the disease exists, but are they giving you specific information on how to avoid it? I bet they aren't! I BET they are just telling you "Just don't have sex and you'll be okay." Maybe, if you're really lucky they'll tell you to use a condom. But are they telling you there is a correct an incorrect way to use one? Are they telling you that you don't even have to use one if you and your partner just masturbate each other? Are they telling you about all the other ways you could get the disease? Like, if you share needles from home-make tattoos and piercings, or if you, like so many kids today in sports, share needles to shoot steroids, did you know you could contract HIV that way?

Did you know that? I BET YOU DIDN'T! You know why? Because your parents don't want to think about you having sex. Your school doesn't want to deal with your parents not wanting YOU to know about sex! In this case, however, what you don't know can KILL YOU!

Hey, maybe you have cool parents who tell you stuff. But even cool parents might not know everything about how people can get AIDS. But don't you think YOU SHOULD know? So many people think "oh, that won't happen to me." or maybe THEY DON'T EVEN THINK AT ALL! Then they do something in ignorance and they turn around and find out that they have contracted this disease because NO ONE told them what they could do to prevent it. Don't be one of those people. If you haven't gotten infected with the HIV virus then STAY THAT WAY!

Find out everything you can about AIDS and how it is transmitted. Read this 'zine for a start. Write to us with your questions! It's better to be aware now than to be sorry later!

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