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ACT UP Storytellings


Shea Stadium Women's Action
as told by Maxine Wolfe


partial transcription (based upon writings)

Maxine Wolfe   
In the spring of 1988, activist AIDS groups across the country called for the Nine Days of Action. In New York we actually called them the "Nine Days of Rain" because it rained on almost every one of the days. The only two days it did not rain was for the women's action, which was at Shea Stadium, and an action that we did at the Harlem Office building, about prisoners and AIDS. Afterwards we decided that God must be a Black Lesbian.

As a women's committee, we were trying to figure out what we were gonna do because it was supposed to be a day on women and AIDS. We were sitting around one night trying to figure out what to do. We were just drawing out the craziest ideas we could and one of the women asked, "What is the goal of what we want to do?" Part of this was about the difference in status between women and men at the very beginning of the AIDS crisis, even though they were both sick. Women were erased totally and also pictured as vectors to men getting infected, and all the advertising on the subways in New York was about women taking condoms with them in their purse. It would say "Don't forget these when you go out," as if women wore condoms. It sort of reminded me of my own grow