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"Peer Education, Not Fear Education"

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AIDS Community Television weekly series
program #101 originally telecast 12-6-94_

produced by Ioannis Mookas and Tom Beer

The AIDS epidemic has clarified as never before the need for comprehensive sexuality education in the public schools. In the United States today, 47 states mandate or recommend sexuality education, including HIV/AIDS education, as an appropriate and necessary part of public school curricula. Yet over the last few years, the Religious Right has tried to replace reality-based approaches with Fear-based, "abstinence-only" curricula. These curricula focus on instructing students that sexual activity of any kind prior to marriage results in negative outcomes ranging from low self-esteem to death, while denying adolescents vital information about birth control and disease prevention.

Peer Education, Not Fear Education  looks at the controversies that have erupted over fear-based curricula in Jacksonville, Florida, and Vista, California -- both communities where the implementation of these curricula is being challenged. Ultimately, Peer Education, Not Fear Education shatters the "abstinence-only" message by presenting the voices and experiences of young adults engaged in peer education around HIV, AIDS, and sexuality. Young people from a range of backgrounds talk about what abstinence means to them personally, while pointing out the similarity in skills needed to practice both abstinence and safer sex. They also describe the enthusiastic support demonstrated by many parents and progressive educators for peer education. In addition, Peer Education, Not Fear Education features candid interviews with health educator John McIlveen, of Teen Outreach Prevention Services at Bellevue/NYU Medical Center; parent advocate Erica Zurer, of the HIV/AIDS Advisor Council to the New York City Board of Education; Sharon Thompson, author of Going All the Way: Teenage Girls' Tales About Sex, Romance, and Pregnancy; and Carole Chervin, senior staff attorney at Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

Peer Education, Not Fear Education is a half-hour advocacy videotape designed for parents, students, teachers, and others working to support comprehensive sexuality and HIV/AIDS education in the public schools.

Peer Education, Not Fear Education moves beyond the sensationalized sex education debates to open up more productive dialogues about these charged issues. It can be viewed by itself or used in youth peer groups, HIV/AIDS or sex education classes, parent/teacher meetings, or other community forums.

Peer Education, Not Fear Education is available on the internet and on videocassette from AIDS Community Television, a weekly public access cable series documenting AIDS activism.


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Peer Education, Not Fear Education

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