ACTUP Capsule History 1992

February 5, 1992: In a weekend of actions kicking off Campaign '92, ACT UP marches through the streets of Manchester, to George Bush's campaign headquarters days before the New Hampshire Primary. ACT UP members disrupt speeches by President Bush, Bill Clinton and other candidates demanding leadership on AIDS issues.   

April 2, 1992: ACT UP member Rob Rafsky confronts candidate Bill Clinton at a New York City fundraiser. Clinton asks what he should be saying to prove that he cares about AIDS. The exchange is carried on CNN and Nightline.

April 4, 1992: Bill Clinton meets with members of ACT UP and UAA (United for AIDS Action) to discuss his AIDS policies. Clinton agrees to make a major AIDS policy speech, to have people with HIV speak to the Democratic Convention and to sign onto the UAA's five point plan.

April 6, 1992, 7:30 AM: One thousand people march in midtown Manhattan to make AIDS an election issue. The Activists take over Madison Avenue and declare "No more politics as usual." Fifty-four people are arrested during acts of civil disobedience.

April 6, 1992: ACT UP zaps candidate Jerry Brown at Brooklyn Borough Hall. He pledges to work with ACT UP to implement the 25 point plan.

June 14, 1992: ACT UP joins holistic health advocates for a Health Freedom Rally near the Capitol Building in Washinton, DC to denounce recent moves by the FDA to raid alternative doctors providing nutritional treatment to people with AIDS and other diseases, and to remove safe nutritional supplements used by PWAs from the market.

July 11, 1992: ACT UP members kick off a series of actions around the Democratic National Convention by crashing a party given for the national media.

July 12, 1992: Members of Campaign '92 invite themselves to delegation parties of the 12 states with the worst AIDS records.

July 14, 1992: ACT UP joins the United for AIDS Action march and rally in midtown Manhattan.

July 15, 1992: ACT UP demonstrates at a free outdoor Broadway review under a banner saying "RIBBONS ARE NOT ENOUGH"

July 19th - 24th, 1992: 40 members of ACT UP New York attend the International Conference on AIDS in Amsterdam, joining in several demonstrations and sessions.

August 1992: Members of ACT UP N.Y. form the McClintock Working Group to formulate a realistic proposal for a federally funded Manhattan Project style program to find a cure for AIDS.

August 18, 1992: Over 2,000 ACT UP members from across America converge on the Astrodome in Houston, Texas, during the Republican National Convention. Six ACT UP members are arrested in a chaotic demonstration at which George Bush is burned in effigy.

August 20, 1992: AIDS Activists disrupt a speech by George Bush at a $1,000.00-a-plate fundraising luncheon.

August 20, 1992: Seven people are arrested after interrupting a speech by Jerry Falwell to the Christian Action Network screaming "Your family values are killing us. Every seven minutes somebody dies."

October 11, 1992: ACT UP NY holds its first political funeral -- the ASHES Action -- in Washington, DC, on the weekend of the final exhibition of the AIDS Quilt. In a procession starting at the Capitol, 11 people from both coasts carried ashes of freinds, family and lovers. Met at the White House lawn by police in riot gear, on motorcycles, and on horses, the procession - by then some 8,000 strong - broke through police lines and scattered the ashes on the White House lawn.

October 20, 1992: ACT UP members interrupt Vice President Dan Quayle at the 30th Annual Dinner of the New York State Conservative Party. Quayle supporters charge the demonstrators in the back of the room.

November 2, 1992: Following a political funeral at Judson Memorial Church in Manhattan, more than 300 AIDS Activists carry the open coffin of 38 year old ACT UP member Mark Lowe Fischer- a member of Marys, an affinity group who had been organizing political funerals for people with AIDS - from Washington Square to the Republican Headquarters on West 43rd Street. On the eve of the Presidential election, mourners indicted George Bush with Fischer's murder. "I want my own political funeral to be fierce and defiant." wrote Fischer, "to make the public statement that my death from AIDS is a form of political assassination."

November 18, 1992: YELL demonstrates at the Board of Education in New York to oppose Christian fundamentalists and promote HIV/AIDS education in New York City Public Schools.

December 13, 1992: 300 activists picket at the St. Patricks Cathedral for Stop the Church lll.

December 1992: In a continuing struggle to win release of HIV + Haitian refugees from the detainment camp in Guantanomo, Cuba, a coalition including ACT UP, Housing Works, and the Coalition for the Homeless begins providing an "underground railroad" of housing and services for those who are released.

December 21, 1992: ACT UP and Haitian activists protest the wrongful detention of Siliese Success, an HIV + Haitian woman jailed after the death of her baby. They threaten to hold a Chritmas Eve Vigil at the Immigration and Naturalizaiton Services detention center on Varick Street. The action results in her release.