ACTUP Capsule History 1994

January 3, 1994: ACT UP NY, along with a coalition of more than five hundred activists, descend on City Hall at 7:30 am to tell Rudolph Giuliani that the AIDS crisis would be job one on his first day as Mayor.

January 6, 1994: DIVA TV launches ACT UP LIVE! a weekly call-in show on Manhattan public access TV.

January 26, 1994: Nine activists from the Target Rudy Working Group of ACT UP/NY pass out leaflets that read "ACT UP IS WATCHING" to New York City Council members warning them not to make cuts in AIDS funding, resulting in four arrests. The council members were attending a private reception with Mayor Giuliani at Gracie Mansion.

March 14, 1994: Giuliani's proposal to eliminate the Division of AIDS Services (DAS), which provides crucial services and counseling brings a coalition of AIDS activists and others to City Hall for the several protests. Wearing masks as "Faceless Bureaucrats" Action Tours members appear in the New York Times the following day.

March 21, 1994: Members of ACT UP affinity group Action Tours hang a banner on City Hall reading "AIDS Hall of Shame."

March 22, 1994: Target Rudy - More than 1500 activists, including ACT UP NY, the Harlem Group, Mothers Voices and AIDS Service providers, march across the Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn to City Hall to focus media attention on drastic cuts proposed to DAS. Forty-seven are arrested.

April 11 & 13, 1994: ACT UP NY confronts Mayor Giuliani at a series of Town Meetings. Activists demand that Guiliani abandon any plans for budget cuts affecting AIDS services in New York City.

April 12, 1995: Following City Council hearings on the proposed DAS cuts, ACT UP members hold a sit-in outside Giuliani's office in City Hall. Twenty-five arrested.

April 1994: After years of lobbying by the Testing and Disclosure Working Group, the New York State AIDS Advisory Council refuses to recommend lab-based name reporting without unique identifiers, codes used to protect the confidentiality of people who test HIV+.

May 10, 1994: Bowing to pressure from activists, Mayor Giuliani releases his proposed city budget which leaves the threatened Division Of AIDS Services intact. The following day, 18 ACT UP members are arrested for displaying a banner on the steps of City Hall reading "DAS is not enough Rudy Fight AIDS now."

May 10, 1994: US Representative Jerrold Nadler introduces ACT UP's AIDS Cure Project, formerly the McClintock Project, (HR 4370) into Congress. If enacted, this will change the way that AIDS Research is conducted in this country.


Berlin AIDS Conference

When New York City Mayor Giuliani
wanted to eliminate the city's Division of AIDS services (DAS),
ACT UP worked with Housing Works and STAND UP Harlem to stop him.

When DAS clients were denied services, ACT UP demonstrated at Gracie Mansion to demand the rights for services.


When Stonewall 25 came to NYC
ACT UP brought out thousands to take 5th Ave,
making visible the AIDS crisis in our community.
see "Welcome to New York" and related documents