Civil Disobedience Training

Demonstrator's Manual

The following pages had been taken from the Mass Defense Committee (NYC chapter of the National Lawyer's Guild). Additional information can be found at



Demonstrations have played an important part of this country's history. Even before there was a United States there were demonstrations. While the tradition of protest is supported by the constitution, the law also says that the police have the right to regulate demonstrations to maintain public order. Due to the conflicting rights of the demonstrator and the police, it is not always clear what is legal and what is not legal. However, this manual gives you many general rules and considerations to help you make the best possible decisions in demonstrating.

* Planning the Demonstration

* At the Demonstration

* You Are Under Arrest

* In Court


Please keep in mind that the specific laws and procedures cited are from New York State -- if you do not live in New York the laws will vary. For the best possible information for your particular situation, contact an attorney or call us, we may be able to recommend one.


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