Ref. No. /Case X/DD/G.01
Date 17th Oct. 2002

Respected Sir/Madam:

Subject : Action Request for Mr. X case from your side

We are glad to inform you that ACT UP/India, chapter started on
12 October 2002. Details are attached with this letter.

We have decided to take action in the above mention case. We are
requesting you to give kind attention and let us know how your organisation
is going to support Mr. X case as he desperately needs support for
treatment, hospitalisation, rehabilitation. Waiting for your positive reply
before 26th October 2002.

Thanking You

ACT UP/India


ACT UP/India, Dr. Kotnis Arogya Kendra (Gadikhana), No. 12, Shukrawar Peth,
Tel. 4486597

Email :
AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power

ACT UP/India
Do or Die

1986 Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) conducted
forceful blood collection. They detected first few HIV cases among sex
workers at Chennai. Unfortunately after sixteen years, not much could be
achieved as the National AIDS Control Programme is based on awareness &
intervention and not on care and support. ACT UP/India chapters began when
we PLWHA's experienced discrimination in medical setup, policymaking,
decision making and at employment, this is common in addition to the social
discrimination. We decieded to wakeup everybody for removing judgmental and
irresponsible attitude towards people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA's). We, 16
PLWHA's from different part of country got together and formed a group
called ACT UP/India (like ACT UP/New York, ACT UP/Golden Gate, ACT

ACT UP/India is a democratic, open group. We have no paid
positions and no "president" - just rotating, elected meeting facilitators,
treasurers, etc.

ACT UP/India is committed to direct action as a means of ending
the AIDS crisis. There are many activities surrounding AIDS. ACT UP/India
does not do all of them. We are not a service provider; we do not provide
medical treatment to individuals. We meet with government and health
officials to advocate for people with HIV and AIDS. We differ from typical
lobby groups by our use of direct action, which ranges from street
demostration to acts of civil disobedience. AIDS is a medical emergency, but
it is foremost a political crisis.

We are a coalition of diverse individuals united in anger and
committed to direct action to end the AIDS crisis. While the AIDS crisis is
inextricably linked to homophobia (along with other modes of oppression) and
a large number of our members come from the PLWHA's /sexual minority