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Volume One       August 2004

We are Back and we are not going away

ACT UP Southern California a new chapter in the long established ACT UP family has now been formed. We are using the name ACT UP Southern California because there still seem to be an ACT UP chapter in Los Angeles and they want to keep their name. Where they are and what they do has been a mystery to us for some time and that is why a group of us decided that we needed to form a chapter that would be active and continue the work that needs to be done .

The supporters of ACT UP have been to complacent and have silenced their voices. We know that  SILENCE = DEATH  and that seems to be what is going on today. We all sit on our asses hoping that things will go along fine and that the status quo will not change. While all around us this change is going on and in some instances we are not aware of how detrimental those changes have been until it is to late.

We realize that there are other activist organizations out there that do good work. In some instances even rallying the troops to demonstrate for some predetermined issue. These demonstrations happen so few and far between that we and the person or persons we are demonstrating about have a tendency to forget what they we were about. So we have to again have that loud voice to let them know that we are getting mad as hell and will not take this any more.

Our Come-Back at Sunset Junction Street Fair

ACT UP Southern California members and friends gather at the ACT UP booth that launched our return at the Sunset Junction Street Fair the weekend of August 21st and 22nd. Several hundred persons came to the booth and we received many queries about our organization. We even signed up 832 new members that you will see on the frontlines very soon. We were amazed at the great reception we received from many old timers to the ACT UP cause as well an the new inquisitive minds of those p