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In March of 1987, ACT UP formed in New York City by a group of people as a diverse, nonpartisan group of individuals united in anger and committed to direct action to end the AIDS Crisis.

We meet with government and health officials; we research and distribute the latest medical information. We protest and demonstrate; we are not silent.

We challenge anyone who, by their actions or inaction, hinders the fight against AIDS.

Earn your ATTITUDE!
Support ACT UP.
Come to our meetings and actions.

Our General Meetings are
MONDAYS @ 7:00 PM . .
Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Transgendered Community Center.
208 West 13th Street (West of 7th Ave)
New York City

Meetings are open,
everyone is welcome.

for the latest information, see the more contemporary active version of the ACT UP website: contemporary

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One of the reasons ACT UP was founded was because health officials, government researchers, medical bureaucrats, doctors and pharmaceutical company executives were believed to be "AIDS experts" and held all the power over people living with AIDS. Here in the affected communities, our points-of-view were made invisible and our real-world knowledge about the changes that needed to be made to end the crisis, was ignored. Living with AIDS, as we all are in New York City, one of the epicenters of the AIDS pandemic in this country, we are the experts!

Further, because of the immensity of the task of ending the AIDS crisis, ACT UP felt there was a need to make every member a leader, rather than having a few members holding the power. That is why there is no president or Board of Directors in ACT UP.

It is no wonder then that ACT UP is run as openly and democratically as it is. ACT UP has no paid staff; everyone is a volunteer. The membership in attendance every week at Monday Night meetings, the floor, has the final say on all of the organizations business. Because of this, the meetings can run very long and become heated and emotional. They can also be tedious and frustrating. It can be extremely confusing and overwhelming for new members and even old members.

Just remember that we run things this way because we care about what you have to say. While we ask members to wait until their third meeting before voting, you have as much right to speak and to be heard as anyone else in the room. We are all in this together.

Here's a look at how meetings work

Come to our meetings and demos.

check for the latest information via the more contemporary active version of the ACT UP website: contemporary
or call

Look through and download the information about ACT UP from our documents section. More references can be found in literature about ACT UP listed under research.

New York Public Library Archives Division holds an extensive ACT UP Collection and is accessable to the public for public viewing and research [contact and access information].__Another source of comprehensive information about ACT UP can be found at the Lesbian Herstory Archives in Brooklyn. To visit the Archives by appointment or to find out hours, call: (718) 768-DYKE (3953) Fax: (718) 768-4663. [For specific information on the ACT UP collection at the Herstory Archives, you can contact Maxine Wolfe via her Voice Mail at 212-946-2180.]

DIVA TV and AIDS Activist Videos are also archived at the New York Public Library. > LISTING

and view feature-length documentaries:

now streaming on-line >>

ACT UP 2002 Documentary
Fight Back, Fight AIDS: 15 Years of ACT UP
by James Wentzy

see also the ACT UP documentary "UNITED IN ANGER" by Jim Hubbard

see also the recent documentary "LARRY KRAMER: IN LOVE AND ANGER" by Jean Carlomusto (via HBO)

ACT UP/New York
332 Bleecker St. Suite G5
New York, NY 10014

check contemporary for the latest information
or call 212-966-4873