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This is what Senator Chuck Schumer believes:
"New Yorkers don't care about AIDS in Africa or Asia"
..according to his legislative staff.

For months, advocates from ACT UP, AIDS service organizations, Africa advocacy groups, faith-based organizations, and student networks have asked New York Senators to champion the effort to fully fund the Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria. Although 99 legislators sent a letter to President Bush requesting $1.2 billion for the Fund for year 2002, Senators Schumer and Hillary Clinton refused to even sign the letter.

To date, conservative Republicans such as Sen. Jesse Helms and Sen. Henry Hyde have done more to fight AIDS in poor countries than Senator Clinton and Senator Schumer, combined.



Go to this website below to send a letter-- we encourage you to re-write it in your own words. The letters will be faxed and e-mailed to the offices of Senator Clinton and Senator Schumer.

To send a letter go to:http://www.progressiveportal.org/letters/global/aids/newyork.html


1) BY MAY DAY 2002-- submit to Congress an "emergency supplemental" request in the amount of $700 million dollars for the Global Fund to bring the funding up to $1 billion for fiscal year 2002.

2) FOR FISCAL YEAR 2003 -- provide $2.5 billion to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria and to bilateral AIDS programs.


Several New York City Activists and AIDS service providers joined us in faxing and calling both Senator Schumer and Senator Clinton to request meetings with them while they were in NYC last week. We had hoped to meet with them in their district offices to demand that they show leadership on securing the level of US Global AIDS Funding that we believe is humanely appropriate. We did not get to meet with the senators and were even chased away from the lobby of Senator Clinton's building with the threat of arrest for trying to drop into her office to drop off letters from constituents and schedule a meeting.

While UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has called for a commensurate response to the worst pandemic in history -- a global fund allocating $10 billion a year -- the president of the world's sole superpower has shamefully proposed spending a paltry $200 million for year 2003. $200 million is less than the cost of a single fighter jet.

UNAIDS estimates that 50 million people worldwide are HIV-positive, about half of them in Africa and the vast majority in poor countries. While treatment enables many HIV-positive people in rich countries to survive, an HIV infection is a death sentence for the vast majority in poor countries, where the cost of treatment is out of reach for all but a lucky few.

Our NY Senators are proud of leading the effort to secure funding for NY businesses to survive the tragic terrorist attack of September 11th. But they refuse to show leadership to help millions of non-New Yorkers survive the terror of death from AIDS. While 4,000 to 5,000 people died September 11th, 8,000 people with AIDS die every day because they do not have access to medicine. We must let our Senators know it is not acceptable to use all of our tax dollars to save US businesses while we let an entire generation of poor people die of AIDS in Africa, Asia, Latin America and elsewhere.

In solidarity,

Sharonann Lynch
ACT UP New York

Eric Sawyer
ACT UP New York


> TIMING OF THIS ALERT: Activists from Act Up/New York are meeting with
> government officials this morning, Thursday 2/28/02. Yesterday,
> Progressive Portal users sent more than 1,400 letters to U.S.
> officials, backing up the activists' demands for adequate funding of
> the global effort to stop AIDS. Let's keep it rolling in the hours
> and days ahead -- please send a letter within the next couple of
> days, if you can.
*** Please forward to your activist contacts, especially in New York ***
> A new letter by Progressive Portal in conjunction with Act Up! New
> York urges the U.S. Administration to provide strong support for
> international efforts against AIDS, including contributing to a
> multinational fund recently created at the behest of U.N.
> Secretary-General Kofi Annan.
> Please note that there are two choices -- one letter for New York
> State residents, one for everyone else. Please only send the ONE
> letter that is appropriate for you, because they are the same letter;
> it's just that the New York letter also goes to that state's senators
> and their staffs. (Letters from out-of-state are counterproductive.)
> You can send a letter now at:
> http://www.progressiveportal.org/letters/global/aids/


To get information on the campaign to fund the Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria:
Go to http://www.stopglobalaidsnow.org

To join the New York Global AIDS Working Group:
call or write Sharonann Lynch: Tel. 212-674-9598 Email: salynch@healthgap.org

To join ACT UP New York:
Our general meetings are every Monday @ 8:00 pm at the LGBT Community Center, 208 West 13th Street (West of 7th Ave) New York City. Web: http://www.actupny.org/ | Email: actupny@panix.com




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