Catholic League President William Donohue
defames his own Roman Catholic Church's XIII Commandment  
(or Commandment IX, if you're Protestant or Hebrew):

"Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor."

To distort the truth is the same as lying, defaming and bearing false witness.


from 1994 New York City subway advertisement
sponsored and paid for by the Catholic League

Want To Know a Dirty Little Secret?


a public service message  
by the Catholic League


     CONDOMS  DO  SAVE  LIVES       The Catholic  League  Lies!

Latest Distortions:

Sen. John Kerry's presidential campaign has hired a new director of religion
outreach, who is being described by a Catholic group as "a curious choice."
Mara Vanderslice, who formerly worked as religion outreach director for Democrat
Howard Dean, was raised without any faith and didn't become an evangelical
Christian until she attended Earlham College, a Quaker school known for its
adherence to pacifism, the Catholic League said on Monday.

According to Catholic League President William Donohue:
"Vanderslice spoke at rallies organized by ACT-UP, an anti-Catholic group that disrupted
Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral in 1989 and spit the Eucharist on the floor."

Vanderslice DID speak at a rally, organized along with many other AIDS organizations calling for global access to medicine.  Where was the Catholic League's advocacy with this issue of saving peoples lives--versus rationalizing their own perverted political agenda??  Where is the Catholic Church in this global fight against AIDS?  Where is William Donohue, except for his negligent distortions and genocidal political tricks?  

Not even a donkey's ass can describe ACT UP as an anti-Catholic group.  ACT UP did demonstrate at St. Patrick's Cathedral in 1989, protesting Catholic DOGMA influencing otherwise sound public health policies.  ACT UP, neither as an organization nor collectively, ever "spat the Eucharist on the floor."  
more information on the waffer incident can be found at   and more fighting against genocidal distortions of DOGMA

Catholic League Donohue: Nothing but Distortions

"for Religious and Civil Rights"    
yeah right
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HGAP Press Release

AIDS Activists, Danny Glover, Members of Congress Rally Against Global AIDS Disaster

"Congress must fight for debt cancellation to save lives," said Mara Vanderslice of the Jubilee USA Network. "Over half of African countries are still spending more on their debts than on health care." African nations spend about $13.5 billion each year servicing debts. Much of those funds could be used for critical HIV treatment and prevention efforts.

Demand Congress Donate the Dollars, Treat the People, and Drop the Debt


and more absurdities by Donohue:

Catholic League president William Donohue rose to Bishop DiMarzio's defense today:

"Tom Duane brands Bishop DiMarzio's comment about marriages between people and pets 'nonsensical,' and Kevin Cathcart labels it 'absurd.' But neither offers a principled reason why – if two men can marry – we can't allow Fred to marry Fido. Nor can they make a principled argument against allowing Tom, Dick and Harry to marry. After all, if it's discriminatory not to allow Tom to marry Dick, why isn't it a matter of discrimination to stop Tom and Dick from adding Harry to their marriage? Why should poor Harry be excluded?

"If love is the sole basis for marriage, then what gives society the right to deny a marriage license to Fred and Fido? Or, for that matter, to Sam and Sally, a brother-sister couple who – like in the movie 'The Dreamers' – love each other in a way most people find unnatural? Surely it is irrational to forbid incest! After all, we once made it illegal for whites to marry blacks, didn't we? So isn't it the same to deny Fred and Fido; Tom, Dick and Harry; and Sam and Sally? Wouldn't it be intolerant to say no to this happy trio of lovers? Isn't this what makes America great – equal rights for those who commit bestiality, polygamy, sodomy and incest?


more on the Catholic League

Proclaiming itself as the largest Catholic civil rights organization in the US, the Catholic League identifies anti-Catholicism opinions in the media and brands them as bigotry. The league's president, Dr. William Donohue, takes pride in dissuading and intimidating media from airing this rather liberal interpretation of bigotry. Donohue holds a PhD in Sociology, is an adjunct scholar at the Heritage Foundation and sits on the board of directors of the National Association of Scholars. (Additional credentials include a masters in Homophobia and certification as a fully brainwashed believer in creationism.)






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