Paris, October the 5th 2005

The death of Jeff has upset us. As we spoke about it last Tuesday, during our weekly meeting, it was obvious that we just lost one of us. His fight, tenacity and vigilance compelled respect. He was important to us because, as a first time fighting activist, he never let bitterness destroy his generosity and his open mindedness. We liked meeting him in conferences, speaking, working or demonstrating with him. These last months, even when he was fighting against the disease, he kept bringing us his support, by helping the debates between ACT UP-Paris and some American activists. He was funny and tender. We know that he fought cancer and AIDS with all the energy he could give.
Today, we are deeply sad. We think of his friends; his family that we met in Paris during his wedding; of Catherine – we want so much to be by her side.

Jeff.  We love you.  We miss you.  Keep fighting.

The activists from ACT UP-Paris

Paris, le 5 octobre 2005