New York City
 New Festival
Promotes AIDS Denialism.

The  NEW FESTIVAL screens AIDS Denialist * Film   (AGAIN)   

                              * "HIV doesn't cause AIDS" bullshit       

   from the 2004 New Festival Catalog  

The Other Side of AIDS
Robin Scovill
(USA, video, 85 min., English, World Premiere)

Sure to generate controversy, Robin Scovill’s documentary presents the hotly-debated argument that HIV may not be the cause of AIDS. Contending that the mainstream scientific community has never established direct proof of the HIV/AIDS connection, the film offers numerous pieces of evidence pointing to the possibility of another etiology for the disease. Scovill’s thesis is most convincing when presenting the numerous stories of HIV+ persons living healthy lives without the use of medication, such as Christine Maggiore (pictured). Cogent and thought-provoking, The Other Side of AIDS pushes for healthy scientific skepticism in the face of a 20-year-old system of entrenched HIV/AIDS thought.

This movie is playing on the following days:

   * June 13, 2004 The Other Side of AIDS @ 3:45PM

"The Other Side of AIDS is Dangerous"

Two years before ,
the  NEW FESTIVAL screens .
another Denialist Film by the same director .

Questioning AIDS in South Africa
Robin Scovill
(USA, video, 56, US Premiere)

Made during the 13th World AIDS Conference in South Africa, this documentary challenges established theories regarding cause and treatment of the disease, investigates the pervasive influence of pharmaceutical companies, and offers alternative and controversial views on the multi-faceted story of AIDS in South Africa.


This movie play[ed] on the following days:

   * Shown June 13, 2002 Patient Abuse & Questioning AIDS in South Africa @ 6:30PM

These AIDS denialist screenings are a
promotion and trend by this Film Festival.

The despicable naiveté and negect of this
Film Festival does nothing to help our
communities in the fight against AIDS.



from the Director of the New Festival, Basil Tsiokos

"We show films that reflect a diverse range of opinions of the LGBT community. The festival doesn't endorse the viewpoints of the filmmakers whose works it shows, it merely presents them to an audience to encourage discussion.

"NewFest does not necessarily endorse the viewpoints of any of the films which we screen. We feel it is important to provide our audiences with the chance to see the different kinds of works that are being produced that have an impact on LGBT lives - whether positive or negative. Merely ignoring works or opinions one doesn't agree with doesn't make them go away after all. Our audiences are given the opportunity to see films on a wide range of topics and, when possible, to engage with the filmmakers - to challenge, praise, or correct them for the work they have made. We provide a platform for debate and discussion. You clearly hold a strong opinion and much knowledge about some of the topics addressed in The Other Side of AIDS, and you are welcome to attend the screening and debate your points with the director. Our programming will remain exactly as it is scheduled."

It is a naïve (or disingenuous) statement to say:
"The festival doesn't endorse the viewpoints of the filmmakers whose works it shows,
     it merely presents them to an audience to encourage discussion.

The Film Festival is a community event and it is perceived as endorsing the viewpoints unless it specifically says it doesn't or contextualizes them in some way.  The New Festival shows lots of gay marriage films because they're easy to find and have an audience.  AIDS films don't have an audience and are harder to find.

This is falling back on the flaccid sense of democracy. That's not acceptable as a defense. It is not a matter of positive or negative: it is a matter of horrific and potentially lethal misinformation, no less than a movie about how to kill Matthew Shepard would be.

Calling it "healthy scientific skepticism" is simply untrue in such a profound way as to be breathtaking.

This is sheer lack of conscience, inept programming, despicable and maniacal denialism.

AIDS Denialist programming is wrong programming,
 and bad for our communities.

New Festival Director Basil Tsiokos :

AIDS Denialists undermine efforts to teach safer sexual behaviors needed for reducing the spread of HIV; discourage people from seeking useful treatment available from their doctors; and serve to confuse people about important medical matters which affect lives in the most profound way.

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