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ACT UP @ Vancouver
1996 International AIDS Conference


Members of ACT UP/New York, Golden Gate, Philadelphia, Paris, and Atlanta went to the XI International Conference on AIDS.

Here is a summary of the various actions that we did and some of the other activist events that ACT UP participated in solidarity with people living with HIV/AIDS.

We went under the slogans:
Greed=Death ~ Demand Access for All.

Golden Urn Awards ~ Other Actions and Zaps ~ ACT UP/Paris Dossier
Solidarity Actions ~ Other Agitations ~ Related Web Sites

DIVA TV Vancouver Program

The Golden Urn Awards

ACT UP gave out Golden Urns to drug companies, public officials, and organizations whose policies and actions are hastening the deaths of people with AIDS.

This year's "winners" were:

Other ACT UP Actions and Zaps

I am afraid that you all will miss the real message from this conference. I speak especially to the media, who have started the spin that "the cure is here, let's dance." full text here


Solidarity Actions

WAKE UP Canada!

Other Agitations

Related Web sites

Sex Workers' Alliance of Vancouver

The official XI Conference Page



see also important history:

When PWAs first sat at the AIDS Conference Table (Montreal '89)


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